I want to be in Sweden on these days:

Trip Tips from Nomadic Matt include the following:

  1. It would be great if our hotel has a refrigerator to store food.
  2. Buy a water bottle and refill and reuse throughout the day.
  3. Lunch is the best time to eat out in Sweden; their lunch buffets are very affordable.
  4. Evening meals at restaurants can add up fast -- better to visit a street vendor.

  1. Booking trains or buses 3 - 4 weeks in advance can get you 40-50% off.
  2. Buying a rail pass before coming to the country can save a couple hundred dollars in terms of cost of travel.
  3. Purchase a city tourism card -- "These tourist passes gives you access to a city’s public transportation system and free entrance into 99% of the museums and attractions. All the major destinations in Sweden have them. If you plan on seeing the majority of attractions and museums, one of these cards will save you money."
  4. Avoid taxis.